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Getting started on YouTube is actually pretty hard.

You’ve got to overcome the fear of getting started.

You've got to actually be able to speak to a camera.

You've got to understand how everything works: cameras, editing, titles and thumbnails…and then you need to sit down to actually figure out what the hell to make videos about.

If you have a message or passion that you'd like to share with the world but you don't know where to start when it comes to building a YouTube channel, you're not alone.

YouTube can be an incredibly powerful tool for sharing your message, growing your brand, and even making a full-time income.

But for many people, starting a channel feels like a super daunting task.

I get it.

It’s completely overwhelming.

There’s so much to learn, and there are so many people out there teaching you to do the same thing in so many different ways.

But I think everyone should try. Why? 

A YouTube Channel can completely change your life.

It changed mine.

If we haven’t met before - Hi, my name’s Ali 👋

I started making YouTube videos in 2017, while in my final year of medical school at Cambridge University.

When I started my channel, I knew absolutely nothing about filming, editing or publishing videos, but after watching hundreds of tutorials, I figured out the basics.

Fast forward to 6 years later, and my channel’s grown from zero to 4 million subscribers.

I genuinely look forward to Mondays, working with a team of amazing creatives, and doing what I love, with a lot of freedom, fun and flexibility. I get messages every day from people saying my videos have changed their lives. I’ve even written my first book, due to be published by Penguin later this year.

And I make more money in a single year than I would’ve made in two decades working as a doctor. 

Now, if you're just getting started with YouTube, those numbers are going to seem absolutely ridiculous, but I'm only flexing them to make the point that even the YouTubers you know who have millions of subscribers, and millions of dollars in revenue all started from zero just like you

And over the last three years, we’ve helped over 3,000 creators build their YouTube channels through our Part-Time YouTuber Academy. We like to think that we’ve helped people to overcome every possible challenge, concern, doubt or obstacle a YouTube channel can create. 

So, by the end of this 4-hour course, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and skills to turn your passion for content creation into a thriving YouTube channel and to have fun along the way.

And the best part?

All you need is a phone, camera or webcam (that can record video and audio), and a computer with some free editing software like iMovie or DaVinci Resolve.

And the entire course only costs $1.

And we’ll literally REFUND you the $1 if you take action and actually publish 1 video. Yep, that’s right.

Starting a YouTube channel can completely change your life (like it did mine), which is why we’re offering this as an incentive for you to give it a go.

Are you ready?

What’s in the course?

We're going to cover absolutely tons of stuff, including how to figure out what to make videos about, and how to get over the fear of starting for the first time.

We’ll talk about the difference between filming on your phone and different camera setups at different price points, as well as a bunch of audio options.

We'll even learn about lighting, and what lighting options you really need as a beginner.

And most importantly, by the end of the course, you’ll hopefully know what type of content you want to make on your channel, you’ll know how to create it from start to finish, and you’ll know how to sustainably grow your new channel while hopefully having fun along the way.

Sound good? 

See you on the other side 👋

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Izzy Sealey

409k Subscribers

"I think the content is super helpful, especially for a beginner to really get an idea of the YouTube landscape and how everything works. Secondly, the amazing community of creators was something I never expected and has actually been the most valuable takeaway for me."

Ryan Leach

131k Subscribers

"The program turned me from an amateur into a pro. More than anything it helped me change my mindset from making videos for myself to making videos for an audience."

Ethan Chlebowski

1.65M Subscribers

"There’s no secret trick to making it on YouTube, but what Ali and the team are going to show you is how to stack the deck in your favour. Ali will leap you way ahead of the curve and put structure and systems in place so you can consistently churn out better and better content."

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