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Hi, I’m Ali

I started my YouTube channel in 2017 when I was still in medical school. Back then YouTube was just a passion project and I was supposed to become a doctor like my mom wanted to. Oops.

But my channel kept growing and with that, I kept investing more time into making YouTube videos. In 2020 I passed 1 million subscribers and soon after I launched The Part-Time YouTuber Academy. The site that you’re currently on.

Fast forward to today.

  • I’m an ex-doctor (sorry mom!)
  • My YouTube channel has more than 4,200,000 subscribers and brings $4,000,000+ in revenue each year
  • Over 200,000 people read my weekly newsletter
  • My team and I have created bulletproof programs on starting a life-changing YouTube channel so that everyone can be in control of their future

And if you fancy replicating my journey, scroll down to choose one of the programs from our Academy.

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My Story

I started making YouTube videos in 2017, while in my final year of medical school at Cambridge University.

I started off with 0 views, 0 subscribers and $0 in revenue. I knew absolutely nothing about filming, editing or publishing videos, but after watching hundreds of tutorials, I figured out the basics.

Growing the channel was a challenge at first.

I was working 50-60 hours a week in the hospital, commuting 2 hours a day, and trying to maintain my health and social life.

That didn’t leave a lot of time to do YouTube.

But I knew I wanted the freedom and flexibility that a profitable, sustainable YouTube channel could give me...

18 months later, my YouTube channel reached 100,000 subscribers and was making as much money as my full-time job working as a doctor.

Two years later, I hit 1 million subscribers, $1m in annual revenue, and finally made the decision to quit my day job.

Now, I’ve been a Part-Time YouTuber for nearly 6 years and my channel’s grown from zero to 4.3 million subscribers.

I genuinely look forward to Mondays, working with a team of amazing creatives, and doing what I love, with a lot of freedom, fun and flexibility. I get messages every day from people saying my videos have changed their lives. I’ve even written my first book, due to be published by Penguin later this year.

And I make more money in a single year than I would’ve made in two decades working as a doctor. 

I know, it's absolutely mental.

I think it’s fair to say that YouTube has completely changed my life.

And I fundamentally believe that if you take it seriously, and figure out how to sustainably grow your channel, YouTube can change your life too.

"There’s no secret trick to making it on YouTube, but what Ali and the team are going to show you is how to stack the deck in your favour."

- Ethan Chlebowski, 1.5M subscribers

"The program turned me from an amateur into a pro."

- Ryan Leach, 113k subscribers

"I think the content is super helpful, especially for a beginner to really get an idea of the YouTube landscape and how everything works. "

- Izzy Sealey, 305k subscribers