Enrolment for the Cohort 8 of the Part-Time YouTuber Academy has been closed.

But it's not over yet!

We’re aware that many people couldn’t sign up because the course was too expensive or they simply had no time to attend all of the live classes in April.

So, we’ve got two options for those who missed the deadline or had to pass this time.

If You Were Interested in the Essential Package ($995)

Our team spent the last couple of months working on a course that will help anyone, no matter the stage of the creator’s career, level up their YouTube channels and turn them into sustainable, income-generating machines. Introducing, the new version of the Part-Time YouTuber Academy. Enrol below.

Join the Academy

If You Were Interested in the Executive Package ($4995)

Yes, the Part-Time YouTuber Academy is officially closed but we still have something for customers who'd like to receive a done-with-you level of YouTube training. Introducing, the Part-Time YouTuber Accelerator. Check it out below.

Join the Accelerator

Izzy Sealey

Med student & YouTuber
388k Subscribers

"I think the content is super helpful, especially for a beginner to really get an idea of the YouTube landscape and how everything works. Secondly, the amazing community of creators was something I never expected and has actually been the most valuable takeaway for me."

Ankur Warikoo

Author & YouTuber
2.96M Subscribers

"I would absolutely recommend PTYA to anybody who wishes to start on their YouTube or content creation journey. It’s brilliant to be amongst like-minded people, it’s so awesome to be connected with people across the world […] and to then identify your own path. It’s wonderful that this programme continues to thrive."

John Coogan

Founder & YouTuber
309k Subscribers

"I would recommend PTYA to anyone who’s thinking about starting a YouTube channel and who knows they’re going to be able to take it seriously. I do think PTYA is the best course I’ve seen on the topic."