$995.00 USD

Part-Time YouTuber Academy

Everything that's included in your package:

  • 🧠 The Core PTYA Curriculum - 10 hours of material teaching you everything we know about YouTube from getting started all the way through to monetising, building a team and turning your channel from a hobby into a thriving business. 
  • 📚 PTYA Bonus Modules - More than 16 hours of extra video training on camera gear, studio setups, monetisation, repurposing, community building, newsletter creation and more.  
  • 🔑 Lifetime access to all the course material so that as your channel grows, there’ll always be useful information and insights you can benefit from every step of the way.
  • 📕 Our PTYA Workbook - this is a 56-page digital supplement to the course which breaks down each of the lessons into exercises you can use to really consolidate the learnings into actions that will supercharge your growth.  
  • 🚀 Our Part-Time YouTuber Productivity System, which includes checklists, frameworks and templates to turn you into a content-creation beast…
    • 🚂 Create videos consistently and effortlessly through our Infinite Content Engine
    • 🐝 Write scripts that captivate your audience using our H.I.V.E.S Framework and video format templates
    • 📸 Identify the perfect camera, audio, and lighting gear for your budget (whatever your budget is) with our Gear Guru Checklists
    • 💡 Never run out of video ideas again using our Idea Generation Machine (our 7-part Framework for generating endless content ideas), our 5 Months of Content in 5 Minutes template and our 4A Framework.
    • 📗 Find the perfect editor or writer using our Outsourcing Almanack - a step-by-step method with a checklist for outsourcing, including pre-written job descriptions for editors and trial tasks for writers.
    • 🔥 Showcase your individuality and stand out from the crowd with our Forge Your Brand Framework - a combination of 3 of the best systems we’ve ever used to help you identify and leverage your authentic edge as a creator, and to help you understand how to attract subscribers even in a crowded niche
    • 🧭 Ensure your videos always connect with the audience you want using our Creator’s Compass
    • ☄️ Find the intersection between the videos you want to make and the ones which will grow your channel with our Identity Analyst template 
  • 🎙️ Exclusive interviews with over 20 creators including Mrwhosetheboss, Matt D’Avella, Nathaniel Drew, Lana Blakely, Elizabeth Filips and more with a dedicated account manager.
  • 🚀 Creator Booster Pack - Access to the rest of our courses including our flagship Part-Time Creatorpreneur course and Camera Confidence.
  • 🎁 Exclusive Bonuses - Just for fun, we’re bundling in a bunch of incredible bonuses too.